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Friends Center for Children is an early childhood education center providing year-round, full-time care for children ages 3 months to 5 years. The Friends Center offers a child-centered, hands-on learning experience in a safe and nurturing environment. Read more.

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  • Circle of SecurityTM Parenting Program

    A Relationship-Based Parenting Education Program for Parents with Young Children

     A FREE 9-week parenting groups that supports:

    Appreciating how important you are in the life of your child

    Learning with other parents how to make parenting easier

    Recognizing your child’s needs and understanding his/her behavior

    Helping your child learn to manage emotions and behavior

    Understanding and managing your reactions to parenting challenges


    Friends Center parents are invited to discover the Circle of SecurityTM Parenting Program, an inspiring outlook on the parent-child relationship. A one-hour overview on Tuesday, Jan. 12 (4-5 p.m.) will demonstrate the powerful information that the program conveys through videos and discussions. By itself, the one-hour overview can give parents tools for making parenting easier. For those who would like to explore this approach further, there is space for 12 parents to participate in a 9-week group on Tuesdays from Feb. 23-April 19. The ongoing group will be informative, fun, and there will be a treat ($50 stipend) for parents who complete the 9-week program. 


    This program is being offered at no cost to Friends Center families by the Friends Center for Children with funding from The United Way and The Eder Family Foundation. The program will be facilitated by Gladys Deutsch and Barbara Stern, Circle of SecurityTM trainers. Bonnie Muller, Friends Center’s Emotional Well-Being Coordinator, is available for questions and for registration, which can also be done at the Front Desk. All Circle of Security events will be held at the New Haven Friends Meetinghouse. 


  • Join us as we celebrate national Week of the Child (April 12 - 18, 2015) by taking the HUG pledge. 

    "I pledge to HUG my child to help them have a solid learning foundation, a strong hardy body and a healthy sense of self."

    Click here take the pledge on-line.

    Early life experiences inform a child’s brain development; creating either an educational gap OR a solid learning foundation.

    Early life experiences impact a child’s physical health; creating either a vulnerability to illnesses OR a strong hardy body. 

    Early life experiences influence a child’s social and emotional well-being; creating a feeling of emptiness OR a fulfilled, healthy sense of self.

    We are working to create a community that gives children a solid learning foundation, a strong hardy body and a fulfilled, healthy sense of self.