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Friends Center for Children

Friends Center for Children is an early childhood education center providing year-round, full-time care for children ages 3 months to 5 years. We offer a child-centered, hands-on learning experience in a safe and nurturing environment.We seek to bridge ethnic, racial and economic divides by creating a diverse community of children, parents and teachers working together to support each individual child’s growth and education. 

Our Approach



Preschoolers’ schedules become more structured and yet the children begin to move fluidly throughout their day.  Activities focus on supporting each area of a young child’s educational development.  We carefully support growth in cognitive, personal and social, creative expression and physical domains. Toys and materials are chosen to both challenge and reinforce rapidly developing imaginations and intellects. This creates a solid educational foundation which allows each child to see herself or himself as a successful, natural learner. Read More…



Toddlers’ schedules remain individualized but begin to focus on group learning as well. While we maintain a focus on their physical needs, we also share in their daily development by engaging in literacy, science, art, language, math, music and movement and other cognitive activities. Toys and materials are chosen to engage and enhance the natural curiosity inside each child. Read More…



At FCFC, infants’ schedules are highly individualized to meet each one’s need for sleep, feeding, and diapering – all essential elements of a little one’s curriculum. We talk, sing, and read to them – and hold them as much as possible. Babies’ activities focus on sensory, motor, and language experiences. Toys and materials are chosen to develop a wide range of fine and gross motor skills. Read More…

Values Based Curriculum

To help children develop holistically, the Friends Center’s curriculum incorporates the Quaker values of peace, simplicity, truth, equality and community. The materials and activities of the FCfC curriculum reflect the diversity of our world and model consideration and care for all, and a deep respect for each child, parent, and teacher.  We strive to help children learn how to play cooperatively, develop a sense of responsibility for self and others, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

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