To help children develop holistically, the Friends Center’s curriculum incorporates the Quaker values of peace, simplicity, truth, equality and community. The materials and activities of the FCfC curriculum reflect the diversity of our world and model consideration and care for all, and a deep respect for each child, parent, and teacher.  We strive to help children learn how to play cooperatively, develop a sense of responsibility for self and others, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

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We value diversity at Friends Center by acknowledging, discussing, and celebrating the differences among us. We believe that diversity is actualized in many ways. We choose toys, songs, and books carefully to model the diversity of people, animals, and environments that exist in our world and we seek to model equal respect for all. 

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As children are developmentally ready, the curriculum includes listening to stories, music and movement, block building, dramatic play, art, science, puzzles, cooking, gardening, caring for classroom pets, and outdoor play.  Teachers support children’s continuing development of social skills and self-help skills through all their activities.

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Outdoor activities are an especially important part of the Friends Center curriculum. The Center abuts acres of forest - a natural and serene backdrop for exploration and play. Through all seasons, FCFC makes outdoor activities a priority: whether collecting colorful leaves on a neighborhood walk, singing on a winter sled ride, or simply having fun on the playground slides and swings. 

For more information on Quaker education, please visit the Friends Council on Education

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